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How a Landscaping Home Improvement
Has a Profit Recovery
Value of up to
125 -200%...
Compared to
51 - 75% for Kitchen Redesigns
49 - 62% for Bathroom Redesigns

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Front Yard Landscape Design

This a large residence in northeast Texas.

This is a before picture showing the driveway and the approach to the house as you are driving in from the street.  See the design photo before to the left!

The master plan custom designed for this residence as shown to the left.

Old plants and sod removed defining the planting areas according to the landscape plan designed in the picture above for this project.

Installation of the custom design is being installed as shown in the picture to the left.

The Owner Of This Property Says It Is A Such A Pleasure To Come Home and See His beautiful Property Now.

Plant installation, as shown in the pictures to the left and below are complete. The new planting enhances this beautiful home.  Each design is custom-designed for the property and the homeowners desires and likes.  

The beautiful plantings and the large flower area in front of this house enhances the size of this large home.



The picture on the upper left show a typical contractor landscape  special. 
The landscape plan on the upper right shows the new landscape design so that the yard now has unity.

The planting beds are designed so your eye flows toward the  front door.

The plant material was selected so the landscape will have low maintenance.

The front entrance to this home had a unique design that highlighted the focal point in this design.

The flower beds where designed on each side of the walk entrance  from the driveway to add interest to the wide walk to the front door.

Texas Lake Property - Front Landscape

Stebbins Lake House
Driveway Nonver-Porous
New Plantings Lake
Under Driveway

Backyard Landscape Design

This backyard design includes a new cedar fence around the entire yard.
A large Crab Orchard stone patio with a pergola over the patio near the Outdoor Fireplace.  A small raised stone pool next to the patio and close to the house.

Two raised garden planters near the back of the house where an abundance sun shine will produce lots of fresh vegetables the family to enjoy.

The beautiful wood area with English Ivy ground cover behind the back fence adds to the beauty of this backyard landscape Oasis.

Small Commercial Texas Property 

Lawyer Office

The picture on the left show's what the property looked like before the design and installation.  

This house and property have a lot of Texas history. A Texas governor lived here.

Click The Link Below To read About This Property!

This Property Is Part Of Texas History!

Re-Designed Subdivision Entrance
Douglasville, GA

Charton Crossing 1
Charton Crossing2
Charlton Crossing3
Charlton Crossing4

This a subdivision entrance in Douglasville, Ga. that I redesigned.  The columns were originally built at different heights for no reason.  It was that way for several years before the HOA decided to have it all redesigned and new construction. Some column height had to be lowered and some added on with flag stone lower wall added.  The old fence was white plastic.  New wrought fence was added for the finished look that you can in the above pictures.  

You Can View the Plans for This Project Click Here!

Every Design Is Unique
For The Client's Location, Needs And Wants

Whether It's For Homeowners Or Landscape Contractors.

Before landscape construction, this front yard was completely flat. Sod was removed from the site and soil was added to contour the yard giving it a hold new look and better curb appeal.

Needless to say, the biggest benefit that was realized on each finished project was Increased Property Value, Pure Beauty And Great Family enjoyment.

"Here's a Costly Mistake You MUST Avoid"

Most Homeowners believe that in order to raise the net value of their homes that you need to add a new deck, redesign the Kitchen and Bathroom or refinish the basement.

Nothing could be further from the truth... Although adding these improvements can increase the value of some homes, this can be a very expensive route to take. You may even lose money! The Bathroom redesign alone can cost you up to $35,000 and that's on the low end.

Here's something crucial you should know:

When your visitors, family, friends or even new home buyers visit your home, what is the first thing they see first?

Your landscape...

How does your current landscape look?

Are you embarrassed when people show up to your front door? Does the outside of your home need a facelift? Whether you know it or not, the outside home landscape reveals everything about you.

This brick sidewalk has the same colors as the house brick which helps to tie the house into the rest of the landscape.
The curves planting areas are edged with a stone edging. Notice the shrub bed continues cross the sidewalk.
Instead of using mulch around the shrubs,  Asian Jasmine was used to lower the yearly maintenance cost.

Victorian Home

This home was built in the 1800"s.  The new owner of the home wanted the landscaping restored to a Victorian design and the plant material list from landscape books of the period.  I designed the gazebo with the roof style that matched the top of the porch portion that you see on the right side of the picture.

This yard was designed in 1979 and this picture was taken in 2009.

Concrete Patio with Mexican Pebbles

Kenley Design
Kenley Patio1
Patio Pads
Kenley After
Kenley Final

Concrete Wall Block System And Pavers

This backyard had a very small concrete patio and timber retaining walls close to the house that was all removed.
The large hill was excavated to allow a three tier wall block retaining system to be installed.
This family now enjoys a beautiful large patio for entertaining and a better view from inside the house.  Also, wide steps allows a better access to the upper yard.

Stone Walls and Timber Construction

A contractor cut into the hill  to expose the lower elevation of this home.  At that time no one in the area or the homeowner knew what to do with the mess they had created.

I designed the retaining wall system. Patio and the planting design as you will see below.

The Picture on The Left Below. Stone Retaining walls on the Lower to continue the Stone On The Lower Of The House.  The Upper Retaining Walls are 6 x 6" Pressured Treated Timbers.

The Picture on The Right Below shows the finished Landscaped backyard over looking a private lake.  It's a beautiful view from inside the house on both the main living area on upper level and the lower master suite.

Condo Landscape Design

Small spaces landscaping which is typical for most Condo developments.  This Condo area has a Landscape Maintenance company that does all of the mowing  in the development.  The individual condo owner is responsible for the front their landscape area.   When designing small landscape areas,  the ultimate size of the plants that you choose must remain small in nature.  The scale of the area dictates
small.  The original plants installed by the builder were all relocated to the back of the property because they were going to become much too large for the small area.

The tree that you see in the above picture was planted by the builder in front of every condo unit.  They are Oak trees.  These trees will soon become way too large in the future.  I have told this Condo HOA committee that they will need to remove the tree within the next few years. The trees look great now but big problems are on the horizon.

This patio design includes a flagstone patio with a raised stone planter and fountain.  A wood fence with a pink Camellia is on a trellis.  Look at the special designed wrought iron decorate trellis that surround the air conditioner units.
This is a great way to hide the unsightly A/C units.

This trellis has Confederate Jasmine climbing on it.  It has now completely covered the trellis.  The jasmine blooms with a white flower.

Improve The Living Environment 

Inside Your Home  with indoor Plants

Hamstra Inside Landscape

The roof of this entire home was removed and replaced with a new gravel roof.  At the same time, a Pella  Skylight System was installed down through the center of the main living area of the home.  The homeowner wanted the house to have a Florida Feel and Look.  After having the largest interior plant company in Chicago designed this interior landscape.  The owner was not happy with their design.  He called me to see if I would consider designing a plan.  I said yes and a design was  completed .  In the picture above, you see only a portion of this home's living space where the plants where installed.  The plantings included 5 large tropical trees (15'+), many hanging baskets and lots of small planter sitting on the floor.  The plants filled 3/4th of a semi-truck. 

A Completed Landscape Plan

This is a  large residential property with a new home that backed up to a private lake.  In my landscape designs, I like to tie the plantings on one side of the driveway to the opposite side so that the total front yard is unified. You can see from the above drawing that shrub bed lines continue from the left side of the driveway to the right side.

The planting area shapes should repeat the same angles so the different areas fit together like a puzzle. This gives a flow pattern through the yard to enhance the curb appeal while directing your eye toward the front door.

The back of the house required three retaining walls adjacent to house because the house was sited on a small hill. A walk was designed from the driveway to a lower patio with a upper deck.  The walk continued down to the lake where a Gazebo was designed surrounding with beautiful planting near the lake.

Therapeutic Landscape Designs

Past designs are available by clicking Here. 

Small House Landscape Design

Small House Landscape Design   
Click Here!

Hamstra Gardens

Landscape Started in 1974.  I designed and installed on this garden for 10 years until 1985.  Many landscape elements have been added since my involvement. click the video to see the beautiful gardens today! 

See What Past Clients Have To Say About My Work!

Your dreams, wants and desires!!!

The Following List May Vary Depending  On Your Design Requirements!    

Frontyard Landscape Design

1.  The Design should lead your eye to the Front Door
2.  Shrub Area Designed to Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home. 
3.  Make The Home Appear Larger and B
lend it to its Surrounding

4.  Front Yard Design Leads Your Eye To The Front Door!
5.  Walkway
And Driveway Changes!

6.  Additional Parking When Needed!
7.  May suggest to Change the House Exterior Color.
  Annual And Perennial Flower Areas To Add Color And Add
To The Focal Point Of The Design.

Backyard Landscape Design

1.  Patio and Or Deck 
2. Pool And Pool House.
3.  Garden Structure Design!

4.  Outdoor Kitchen
5.  Outdoor Fireplace Or Firepit
6. Water Features For Your Enjoyment And Relaxation!
8.  Screen Unwanted Views With Plants And Or Privacy Fence!
7.  Trees Located to Provide Shade For Climate Control!

9.  Design to unify the backyard and provide a creative deign to fit the    property.
10.  Create A Focal Point in The Backyard!
Annual And Perennial Flower Areas To Add Color And Add       
To The Focal Point Of The Design.

Both Designs also include:

Complete Plant Material List and Keyed to The Design. 
Plant Material Recommended Sizes To Purchase!
Landscape Design drawn To Scale For Easy Installation!
But wait, there's more...
Selected Trees And Shrubs To Help Eliminate The Need For Expensive Landscape Maintenance Later!
Proper Location of Small Trees and Shrubs To Tie Your Home To It's Surroundings!

Decks, Patios And Gazebos Positioned For Maximum Enjoyment!

Fun And Exciting Play Areas For Your Children!

Increased Value To Your Greatest Asset - Your Home!

Landscape Irrigation Plan! ( Additional Fee)
Landscape Lighting Plan!    (Additional Fee)

"Here's What You Get with Your Online Landscape Design" When you order your own customized Landscape Design here is the design process that each Landscape Design takes :

A phone call meeting will be arranged to discuss your Landscape needs and desires to be included.

You take all existing measurements and photos

After you submit your photos and measurements a second phone meeting to discuss the design possibly.

Preliminary Landscape design drawn and a copy for you to review and another phone meeting to discuss the plan.

Final Landscape Plan completed and (3)copies sent to you by  Fedex  
With a follow up phone call to discuss on how you will proceed with the Landscape installation.

And a lot more....

And to add to all of this you also get these Special 2 FREE bonuses!

FREE BONUS # 1 - 12 Months FREE Email Support...(Value $300.00):
With this bonus, you'll get Twelve months of FREE ongoing email support. All you have do is email my staff with your questions or concerns and we will respond immediately! We are so sure of our service that Twelve months will be more support than you'll ever need.

FREE BONUS # 2 - FREE Monthly Newsletter:
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Each month you will receive our monthly newsletter which is packed with Landscape Design Tips,
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Free Bonus # 3 -
Landscape Plant Care Report:
Planting Tips, Plant Watering Needs, Proper Feeding Your Plants and MORE......( value of $ Priceless!)

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"So What's All This Going to Cost?

The fee schedule below allows you a chance to see what your landscape plan might cost.. FEES -


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Landscape Design up to 12,000 Sq. Ft.

Landscape Design up to 12,000 Sq. Ft. $875.00 

Landscape Design up to 20,000 Sq. Ft. $1,100.00 

Landscape Design up to 30,000 Sq. Ft. $1,400.00 

LIGHTING PLAN $ 175.00 Or $275.00 
IRRIGATION PLAN $200.00 and $300.00.


BY PHONE OR EMAIL                  $ 65.00

LOCAL ON SITE                               $ 150.00

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