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Lawrence Hoyle, Owner and Senior Landscape Designer
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lawrence L. Hoyle. I started growing plants and retailing them at the age of 9. I  continued this plant business through High School.

I attended Western Illinois University for 2 years, majoring in Botany. I then transferred to the University of Illinois and completed a B.S. Degree in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture in January 1961. I joined the Illinois Highway System as Engineer Tech. on the Chicago Expressway System as Assistant Head of two Urban Expressways, I also supervised several landscape installation and maintenance contracts on three major Chicago expressways.

During the 2 years in this position, I gained extensive experience growing plants in very adverse conditions including salt damage to trees and shrubs from the Auto traffic during snow and ice control during the winter months.

In January 1962, I accepted a position as a Turf and Landscape Specialist with Purdue University working with homeowners in adult education-landscape. I also conducted workshops for landscape contractors, nurserymen and park maintenance personnel.  The spring of 1963, I was the catalyze for starting the Northwest Indiana Nurserymen Association.  It is still active today 60 years later and is now known as the Northwest Indiana Nurserymen and Landscape Association.

I completed a master's degree in 1969 at Colorado State University in Environmental Design. During my master's program I was Responsible for the conceptual design of a 33,000-acre State Park in the northwest corner Nebraska. This park design wasn't part of my own degree, but it was included in another person's master's degree.

1971, I begin working across the northern 10 counties of Indiana as the Area Extension Landscape Specialist.  I remained on the Purdue University Faculty for 12 years, answering all sorts of landscape and Landscape contracting questions and problems solving, as well as being Garden Editor for the two major Northwest Indiana newspapers. 

I was on the staff of the Purdue Development Foundation an urban renewal program in East Chicago, Indiana for 6 years as a Landscape Architect.  This was part of my Purdue faculty responsibility. I completed designs for all of the new construction projects in the urban re-development area.  I conducted workshops for area homeowners in landscape design, lawn care and planting of plants. Many neighborhoods were transformed with nice lawns and beautiful flower planting.  It was rewarding to drive through the same neighbors 10 yeas later to see the results of how the yards were still be maintained.

The largest design was completed just before I left Purdue University as part of my responsible for the Lake County Indiana. The Lake County Government Center a 15 acres project on the northside of Crown Point, In.  I also, supervised the landscape installation for the project.

Landscape Designer for a New High school in Valparaiso, Indiana including the design all ball fields installing subdrainage in the football field and all plant design surrounding the main high school building.

In 1975, I started a Design-Build Landscape Firm in Indiana and continued that company until April of 1985. 

6-1/2 acre  Residential Landscape Project, Wheatfield, IN. was started in 1975.  I continued to add to this project for the next 10 years  It is known as Hamstra Gardens today.

I moved to Marietta, GA. in 1985 and began a Landscape Design - build Company here.

Web-Landscape-Design-Ideas.com, went public in 2003 and since that time Landscape Designs have been complete in 40 different states. 

I have completed landscape design projects of varying sizes from very small to very large residential  and commercial.  

6-1/2 acre  Residential Landscape Project, Wheatfield, IN.; Landscape Design for a large High School in Indiana including all of the Athletic Fields, etc.

Many project in Georgia including Landscape design solving severe drainage problems, irrigation, Hardscape  -   retaining walls, patios, walk and driveway design.  Landscape lighting Design and Landscape Irrigation.

I have a total of 59 Years Experience in the Landscape/Design Business.

Online Landscape Designer since 2003 with 100's of Landscape designs across the USA.  Designs in 40 states. I have over 300 designs in the Longview, Texas area.

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